Container Support Pads

Container Support Pads Due to the continuing and common problems associated with the currently used support pad materials ACM Bearings Ltd has, in conjunction with a number of major ship owners and fleet managers, developed a new type of plastic material that satisfies all requirements of this very arduous application.

This newly developed material has been successfully trialled on a number of vessels resulting in reduced maintenance and zero down time. Consequently ACM Bearings Ltd is now supplying container vessel support pads to major ship owners and fleet managers worldwide.

The use of the ACM 811 material also prevents marine growth, cathodic chalking and bi-metallic corrosion making them the ideal solution for this application.

The competitive price of the ACM 811 material offers the ship owner/fleet manager considerable reduction in costs for both new build and repair over conventional bronze/bronze graphite pads. A further cost advantage is that the ACM pads have no after sales value hence total elimination of theft during loading and unloading of the containers is achieved.

Container Support Pads In addition it has been proven that the wear of the ACM 811 material is considerably less than the conventional bronze/bronze graphite support pads hence longer life is achieved - a further cost reduction. Also, because of the higher load capability of the ACM 811 material when compared to bronze, spreading under load does not occur hence the removal of the pads for inspection/replacement is less time consuming resulting in a further cost reduction.

The ACM 811 material can be manufactured to any design/size required and can be used as a direct replacement for both bronze and steel support pads. The ACM 811 material can operate under dry, grease, sea water or oil lubrication and can be used against many different mating surfaces including mild steel, hardened steel, stainless steel, chrome plated steel and nitrided surfaces.

As a world class supplier ACM Bearings Ltd offers a professional service with technical support from their experienced team of engineers including, design recommendation, technical proposals and quotation, machining recommendations and bearing installation assistance.

Container Support Pads Advantages

  • Competitive price

  • High load capability

  • Excellent shock resistance

  • Good elasticity

  • Good dimensional stability

  • Minimal creep

  • Counter face friendly

  • Excellent corrosion resistance

  • Low swell characteristics

  • Low friction

  • Low wear rate - long life

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