L2 Marine for Rudder Applications

Container Ship L2 Marine material exclusively available from ACM Bearings Ltd is the result of an extensive rudder bearing R&D; programme and was initially launched into the marine market in 2001. Until 2006, ACM L2 Marine was also supplied to Railko as their RG22 grade. It has since been installed and successfully operated on over 1,000 vessels, both new and repair, on various shaft sizes up to 1.25 metres diameter.

The material was developed to give improved performance, longer life, a very competitive price and to have the capability of operating under non-lubricated conditions, offering a maintenance free 'Fit and Forget Bearing Solution'.

Due to its excellent bearing characteristics L2 Marine is the only single synthetic composite material available that has classification approval for both lubricated and dry operation, making it the ideal rudder bearing material.

Other applications include; deck machinery equipment, offshore mooring systems, steering gear, stern roller bearings, water tight door bearings and many more.

Benefits of L2 Marine for Rudder Applications Oil Tanker


  • High load capability

  • Approved for wet and dry operation

  • Very low stick - slip

  • Short delivery time (repair 48 hours)

  • Good elasticity

  • Dry, oil, grease, water operation

  • Can be freeze fitted

  • Classification approval (10 N/mm2)

  • Very low swell

  • Low wear characteristics - long life

  • Maintenance free

  • Good dimensional stability

  • Competitive price

  • Environmentally friendly

  • PropertyValue
    Compressive strength (flatwise)375 N/mm2
    Compressive Strength (edgewise)150 N/mm2
    Impact Strength (flatwise)100 kJ/m2
    Shear Strength137 N/mm2
    Density1.30 g/cc
    Hardness (Rockwell M)110
    Coefficient of Friction (dry)0.15
    Maximum Operating Temperature140 C
    Thermal Expansion Coefficient5.0 x 10-5 /C
    Swell in Water (ambient)<0.15%

    (Material characteristics are nominal and are not guaranteed minima)

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